How can you get more security jobs?

If you are struggling to find employment as a security guard keep in mind that there are a number of different strategies that you can use to not only begin your career but have a rewarding career as a security professional. Here are some tips on how you can expand your experience and your resume to get more security jobs:

Work in customer service: if you don’t have any customer service experience you should consider potentially volunteering or even working a retail job for a few months. With just a bit of customer service experience you can show that you have experience working with the public and that you are very comfortable working with people. Building customer service into your resume and your personality will make you a more effective guard.

Finish all training: make sure that yellow police records check as well as all of the certified hours that you need for security guard training. These hours are required by many states and even if you have completed a security guard training program, you may still need at least 30 hours of practical experience before you obtain the certification.

Expand your training: All those CPR training or a handgun carry license isn’t necessarily required to be a security guard, he can edge you out on the competition. By expanding your training you can work at improving the types of security jobs that you can apply for. Many employers may also offer to pay you a little more if you can carry a handgun or perform first aid.

Know the requirements: If you can go into an interview with confidence and truly know the requirements and job description you can make the interviewer confident of your abilities. Study the requirements of any job well before writing an application or going into an interview.

Keep these top ideas in mind when you are trying to get a job in security.