An Outline of Security Guard Equipment

An Outline of Security Guard Equipment

As a professional security guard, there are  many options in regards to your equipment. While the type of job you’re working will ultimately determine the best tools for you, the following safety devices are universally essential.


When it comes to security guard uniforms, there are literally thousands of choices available to you. These options consist of a variety of uniform types, quality and materials…not to mention designs and customized options.

Right now there are three simple types of uniforms that are commonly used for security guards: Hard, Soft, and Tactical. Hard uniforms are the most typical uniforms that protection officials use. The soft security guard uniform is certainly the second most commonly worn uniform.  It usually consists of a monogrammed jacket, company button-down shirt and a nice pair of dress pants. It is usually the preferred uniform for officers fulfilling more of a customer support role.  The Tactical standard is usually the least common uniform.


While most coverage within this topic covers tactical tools, some of the most common pieces of equipment rest within the administrative umbrella of this career. Throughout your daily duties, you’ll be required to fill out forms, such as daily activity reports, field inspection reports, patrol tracking information and criminal activity reports – just to name a few. Although administrative and clerical duties are common within this profession, most companies now utilize digital reporting methods, which streamlines this process.


Although some security guards are outfitted with lethal weapons, such as guns, the majority of clients choose not to have these tools in the hands of their security guards. Self-defense tools are common. These include pepper spray and batons. Not only can these pieces of equipment be used to protect the guard, but they can also be utilized to incapacitate criminals until law enforcement officers arrive on the scene.


Having the capability to accurately catch situations as they take place is normally vital to protect a security guard from an unfounded lawsuit. Although not all clients require body cameras, these are excellent tools to protect your guards and property from a litigious lawsuit. Last but not least, with the availability of video recorders on most mobile phones, it’s easy to begin recording the moment a crime takes place.


Throughout the past couple of decades, the level and technology within the communication sector has compounded into a cost-effective and powerful devices. The most effective security guard service is one that is well-connected. Although two-way radios are great options, the majority of clients now demand a more high-tech communication service, such as via smartphones.