It’s common to think a home burglary is random a random and unfortunate turn of events, this common crime is typically one that’s been thoroughly thought-out by burglars. The selection process and methodology is actually quite simple to understand. The first step is to choose a home that’s currently unoccupied (such as owners are on vacation). Next is to find one that has the most amount of cover and lastly is to select a home with an easy escape route. Unfortunately, many of these elements are the direct result in improper planning from the homeowner.

If you’re looking to prevent burglary, then you should take a moment to read through the following tips.

Tip #1: Secure All Doors and Locks

The first step is to harden the ease of unauthorized entry. Basically, this means making your home a little more challenging to break into. This is one of the most effective methods of preventing a home robbery as many burglars will bypass your home should it look like it’ll be challenging to break in.

The majority of burglars enter a home through the backdoor, hidden windows or through the garage. In fact, experienced robbers will tell you the garage door is generally the most vulnerable out of any home area. Not only are garage doors relatively easy to break in, if it has a window the burglar can tell if you’re home by looking for a car.

Tip #2 – Glass Doors (A Gateway Into Your Home)

The majority of sliding glass doors aren’t very secure as they clock by a series of latches. Not only are these doors relatively susceptible to forced entry, but because of their material, they can be easily broken.

Thankfully, its vulnerabilities are quite easy to remove. By placing a wooden stick or a piece of metal on the track, the door can’t be pried open. Block entry from a broken door by placing a metal rack or a secondary door on the side of the sliding glass door. Talk to your local security professional about current options. Most importantly, have a curtain or some other object blocking view into your home. Many burglars peer through a sliding glass door to determine if the home has any easily-removable valuables.

Tip #3: Secure and Safeguard Your Windows

Would you believe that as a whole, windows are generally left unlocked even when the front door is dead bolted? An open window is basically an invitation to be robbed. Specifically, ground level windows are the most susceptible. Although upper floor windows aren’t as easily accessible, a determined burglar will have no problem accessing second or even third-story windows.

Secure windows by always making sure they’re latched shut. Another excellent security measure is to install blocking devices, which prevent the window from being lifted on the outside. You can even install blockers that allow windows to only be opened a few inches. Although this restricts the airflow on a nice summer day, it can be an effective tool to prevent a burglar from climbing through an accidentally unlocked window, which is a far-too common occurrence.

Looking for more security tips for your home or workplace – checkout security training here! Each year in the U.S. there are more than 5MM home burglaries. 9/10 of these crimes are preventable, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. See their Burglary Prevention Guide here.